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Finish Trim Services We Specialize In

Baseboard Installation & Design


Baseboards are used to protect your drywall by providing a sturdy 90-degree gap for dirt and debris to stop at while also adding that visual benefit to the room.
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Wainscoting Services


Wainscot is mostly used to decorate your home, but it can also cover the lower portion of the wall and add a layer of protection over the wall's material and paint.
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Custom Door & Window Casing

Door & Window Casing

Door casings are generally used to conceal the transition between the wall and the lining of your doorway. They are usually decorative, enhancing the look of your door to match the cohesive style in the house.
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A Touch of Chair Rail Trim

Chair Rail

This trim is a small detail that’s common in dining rooms. It’s used to prevent chairs from damaging walls when pushed back from the table.
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Sophisticated Decorative Trim

Decorative Trim

Usually, it's intended to be decorative, but it can also protect parts of your home from drafts, hide minor structural damage, and provide some minor reinforcement to the overall structure.
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Crown Molding for Elegance

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a decorative finishing element that's normally used for capping cabinets, columns, and, most often, interior walls at the point where the wall meets the ceiling.
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Recent Trim Projects We've Done

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window door casing

Experienced Trim Carpenters

Our finish trim carpenters have over 15 years of experience working within the home remodeling industry, focusing on trim finish in Charlotte, NC.

We have:

-150+ completed projects in the last 4 years alone
-Over 50 homes rehabbed
-Restored homes that were burned down into masterpieces.
-Brought many old homes into current safety standards

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