Is Wood Paneling Making a Comeback?


If a home is the only place where you feel relaxed and happy, then make it a fascinating place to live. Add some warm and lively features to your walls that always make you feel good at home. Wood Paneling is an amazing feature that gives great vibes and remarkable style. Upgrade your home with timeless and creative Wood Paneling in Charlotte by professionals from Acoustics Homes.

Acoustic Homes is led by expert craftsmen that provide wood paneling, trimming, and molding services in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. Custom wood projects can bring an inviting, warm and versatile transformation to your home. Our styles range from rustic farmhouse to modern finish.  With our experience in carpentry, we can give you some unique wood paneling ideas with regards to walls, ceilings, cabinets, wooden flooring, and more that will beautify the look and feel of your home.

Benefits of Wood Paneling:

Feel and Look:

  • Wood Paneling is appealing to the eyes which gives a warm feel and a beautiful aesthetic look. It looks unique and classy.

Prevents Wall Damage:

  • The best thing about wall paneling is that you can get rid of wall cracks, leakages, untidiness, and flaking paint issues. Investing in wood panels is a long-term investment in your home.  You do not need to install it again and again as you need to do with painting your walls from time to time.

Hides Cables and wires:

  • Wires and cables on walls look messy and give an untidy feeling. Wood Paneling is the best solution to hide wires and cables on the walls. It can be easily hidden behind the paneling and gives structural support.

Charlotte Installation Services

To experience these benefits hire the team at Acoustic Homes. Our carpentry experts are focused on 100% customer satisfaction Their experience and innovative ideas give an outstanding outcome for their work. Being a trustworthy company we have a massive clientele from different areas i.e. Charlotte, Monroe, Indian Trail, and many other cities from NC and SC.

We ensure to provide the best wood paneling services with high-quality and first-grade wood materials. We feel the pride to cater our services from the last 15 years in this industry. We also provide customization services to our clients as per their specifications. After assessing the ideas and details in a project, we put together a plan and an estimate.  We then deliver the services based on our client’s requirements and specifications in a way that leaves everyone happy.

Discuss your ideas with us and get a free quote for both time and cost.  Enhance the beauty of your home with your creative ideas and our innovative and highly skilled experts. Transform your home by working with creative, passionate professionals who have an abundance of experience and knowledge under their belt. Visit our website to know more about our carpentry services. For a free consultation, you can contact us by phone (980) 425-6595, email, or fill out the contact form on our website.