How to know if Crown Molding is Suitable for your Home?

Craftsman style trim

When you are looking for options to add value to your home, you are probably going to consider crown molding. It is one of those architectural features that look great in any type of home and enhance its aesthetic appeal by adding a layered visual presence. This makes your home look more solid and well crafted. If you don’t like an old home with crown molding, you may feel that your home lacks certain architectural details that can give it a distinction.

But often many homeowners are not sure whether they should get crown molding done at their homes or not. Some might even feel that their ceilings are too low for these. Here are a few tips that will help you determine whether crown molding is a suitable option for you or not.

  • Consider your Home Style and Ceiling Height

    Your home style and the ceiling height are the most important factors that matter when you are thinking about getting crown molding done at your home. This type of molding looks great because of the large scale of the room where there are high ceilings, and detailed baseboards and fireplaces. It makes the overall architecture of the home look traditional. If you have modern, contemporary home décor, this type of molding may look completely out of place. But if you still love this type of molding, you can keep your furnishings simple with clean lines and very little pattern.

  • Look at the Furnishing Style and Other Décor Elements

    You might have seen crown molding in homes that have bright-colored and traditional style furnishings. It will look great if you have a large floor lamp and wall coverings with large-scale patterns. It is the size of the molding that holds its own against these furnishings. If everything is large-scale and you try to add something in small size, it may look too wimpy for your room. This goes without saying for the rest of the trim such as baseboards. You don’t always have to ornate your crown molding too much. It should go with the pattern of everything else in your home so that it doesn’t destroy your room’s overall look. If you have used neutral tones in your furnishings and other things, you chose crown molding that is simple and free of any shape to fit your area perfectly.

  • Combine more than One Type of Molding

    When you are planning to get crown molding, you don’t have to stick to just one type of molding. You can use different types of molding in your home if you think they will look great together. Many people go for a flat band of patterned trim below the crown molding to extend the overall width. This may make a traditional home look more contemporary depending on the light fixtures and other furnishings. One way to get the look of wide crown molding without having to spend a big amount is by using a narrow crown molding along with a narrow trim. Simply put the crown molding up and then put the trim below the bottom of the crown molding. Paint both moldings and the strip of bare wall between them the same color to make it look like it is all one very wide piece of crown molding.

For homeowners, who don’t have any experience in dealing with such things, it can be a difficult task. If you’re worried about making the right design choices, get in touch with our experts at Acoustic Homes. We have helped many homeowners achieve beautiful renovations and home additions that included new moldings and other custom carpentry. For ideas, check out some of the work we’ve done for our customers in the Charlotte and Monroe, NC areas on our finished projects gallery.

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