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Tips for Installing Beautiful Trim Moulding

Tips for Installing Beautiful Trim Moulding trim moulding

Trims are pieces of wood used to provide a finished appearance to a room. Primarily, trims are used to highlight the room’s decorative nature and conceal any inconsistencies in the structure’s construction. Mouldings form a striking transition between the walls and ceiling and conceal gaps between them while being highly decorative on windows, ceiling, and […]

Decorative Trim

Decorative Trim aumain

Molding with decorative trim has a special way of bringing a room’s decor to life. Since there are many detailed designs and embellishments to choose from, it’s easy for your home to reflect your style, quirks, preferences, and personality. The good news is, Acoustic Homes offers fully-fledged decorative trim services in the Charlotte, NC area. […]