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Tips for Installing Beautiful Trim Moulding

Tips for Installing Beautiful Trim Moulding trim moulding

Trims are pieces of wood used to provide a finished appearance to a room. Primarily, trims are used to highlight the room’s decorative nature and conceal any inconsistencies in the structure’s construction. Mouldings form a striking transition between the walls and ceiling and conceal gaps between them while being highly decorative on windows, ceiling, and […]

Ways to Improve Your Home with Custom Carpentry Services

Ways to Improve Your Home with Custom Carpentry Services carpentry services

Enhance your home with fine carpentry work. Experienced Monroe carpenters have the skill to totally transform any room, adding functionality and a personal flair that reflects your unique style. From dining rooms to living spaces – discover how quality craftsmanship can create something special in every corner of your house! Below are various ways to […]

How to know if Crown Molding is Suitable for your Home?

How to know if Crown Molding is Suitable for your Home? Craftsman style trim

When you are looking for options to add value to your home, you are probably going to consider crown molding. It is one of those architectural features that look great in any type of home and enhance its aesthetic appeal by adding a layered visual presence. This makes your home look more solid and well […]

Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services wooden board being cut by a carpenter

General Carpentry Services Creating a home that stands out takes more than just exceptional craftsmanship – it requires superior carpentry services. That is why we offer the best resources available, including wood paneling and cabinets to mantels. Our expert team of carpenters are determined to deliver high-quality workmanship for an exemplary result in your residential […]

Decorative Trim

Decorative Trim aumain

Molding with decorative trim has a special way of bringing a room’s decor to life. Since there are many detailed designs and embellishments to choose from, it’s easy for your home to reflect your style, quirks, preferences, and personality. The good news is, Acoustic Homes offers fully-fledged decorative trim services in the Charlotte, NC area. […]