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About Acoustic Homes

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, Acoustic Homes has been a cornerstone of the community for years, offering an array of bespoke carpentry services. From the comforting embrace of custom-built ins to the refined elegance of wall paneling, custom cabinets, shiplap, trim, mantels, and shelves, we’re dedicated to turning your visions into reality. Our commitment goes beyond merely enhancing the aesthetics of your home; we strive to infuse every project with a unique essence that truly resonates with you.

"Amazing work ethic and the quality of the work is top notch"

Custom blue built in shelving in a mud room

Why Choose Acoustic Homes for Your Carpentry Needs?

Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

At Acoustic Homes, our craftsmen are deeply passionate about carpentry, transforming raw materials into works that narrate a story. Boasting years of experience, we go beyond mere construction; we are artisans of enduring elegance. Our extensive portfolio, filled with diverse projects, highlights our commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, distinguishing us in our craft.

Tailored Solutions for Every Home

Your home mirrors your individuality, and it’s our pride to provide tailored carpentry solutions that resonate with your distinctive preferences and requirements. From our first meeting to the reveal of the completed work, we collaborate closely with you, guaranteeing that every creation not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to you goes beyond finishing a project. The numerous testimonials and reviews we’ve received illuminate our unwavering dedication to exceeding your expectations. Your contentment is fundamental to our business, and our quest for excellence persists long after the tools have been set aside.

Our Carpentry Services in Charlotte, NC

Built-in grey blue bookcase full of books

Built Ins

Our built-in solutions offer more than just storage—they redefine spaces, creating seamless harmony between functionality and aesthetics. Whether it’s a cozy reading nook or an expansive entertainment center, our built-ins are crafted to blend effortlessly with your home’s existing décor.

finish trim

Wall Paneling

Elevate your walls from mere structures to canvases of elegance with our wall paneling services. Available in a variety of styles and materials, our paneling options provide a dynamic texture and depth that can transform any room into a statement of sophistication.

Faux Wood Beam Ceiling with custom kitchen cabinets

Custom Cabinetry

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all storage with our custom cabinet solutions. Designed to cater to your specific storage needs and aesthetic preferences, our cabinets combine practicality with style, ensuring that every inch of space is utilized beautifully.

Custom Carpentry trim in dining room

Shiplap, Trim, Mantels, Shelves, and More

Our expertise extends to a wide range of carpentry services, each designed to enhance the character and functionality of your home. From the rustic charm of shiplap to the refined elegance of custom trim and mantels, we have the skills to bring your vision to life.

How We Ensure the Highest Quality and Reliability

Our Process

At Acoustic Homes, our craftsmen hold a deep-seated passion for carpentry, turning raw materials into narratives embodied in wood. With extensive experience to our name, we are more than mere builders; we are sculptors of enduring aesthetics. Our diverse portfolio is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and our meticulous attention to detail, distinguishing us in the field.

Materials and Techniques

Your home is an expression of your character, and we are deeply proud to provide bespoke carpentry services that align with your distinct preferences and requirements. From our first conversation to the presentation of the final piece, we collaborate closely with you to guarantee that every creation doesn’t just meet but surpasses your expectations.

Charlotte's Choice for Carpentry Excellence

Based in the heart of Charlotte, NC, Acoustic Homes is more than a mere business; we’re an integral part of the local fabric. Our profound grasp of Charlotte’s unique architectural styles and the preferences of its homeowners positions us as the go-to experts for a wide array of carpentry projects, both large and small.

We have proudly served homeowners and local artisan builders throughout Charlotte, handling projects that span the spectrum from comprehensive home renovations to minor repairs in newer constructions. The construction sector in Charlotte is driven by a sense of community and collaboration. Embodying this ethos, Acoustic Homes partners with local suppliers, craftsmen, and businesses to procure the finest materials, ensuring our projects resonate with the essence of Charlotte. This collaborative effort not only bolsters the local economy but also nurtures a collective pride and unity in the city’s ongoing development. 

Charlotte’s construction scene is dynamic, with a keen focus on sustainability and efficiency especially in growing areas such as South End and around Uptown. Despite the challenges posed by the rapid development of new homes, including concerns over subpar materials and insufficient attention to detail, Acoustic Homes sets the standard. We prioritize eco-friendly materials and cost-effective designs to deliver spaces and projects of exceptional quality and beauty.

We service the entire Charlotte metropolitan area, including everything inside and sometimes outside the outer 485 loop. As new homes comes up and older homes need renovating, count on Acoustic Homes to be the best reliable carpenter in the area for your needs. 

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