Custom Carpentry

Carpentry Background

Meticulous Care & Attention to Wood Craftsmanship

With over 15 years of experience in woodworking and construction, Acoustic Homes ensures the highest caliber of quality with trim, carpentry and staircase services in the Charlotte, NC area.


Upgrade and update your current staircases to meet today's safety standards. We build new stairs as well as refinish existing stairs.


That final decorative touch to your fireplace design. We can do a variety of designs ranging from traditional to modern styles.
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Built-ins are part of the permanent structure of a home. This includes applicances, cabinetry & furniture that's built in to the house itself. Increase home value with high quality functional acommadations.
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Stair Trim

Stair skirts are not always necessary. However, they do offer a more finished look for stairs and create a higher-end appearance. In the end, stair skirts are an aesthetic feature, and any way that you choose to include them in your home is a personal choice.

Wood Paneling

A high quality wood paneling can add long-lasting beauty to walls & ceilings in both traditional and modern houses.
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We install a multitude of cabinets ranging from stock to customized. This includes base, wall & tall cabinets as well as cabinet doors and drawers. We take the time to make sure your cabinets are perfectly and installed to the way you saw them in the catalog.
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Stair Railings

It's important for stair railings to be structurally stable and secure. Installations often include a variety of designs and materials with both wood and metal styles.


A house can never have enough shelves to keep the place neat and tidy. We can help you with any type of shelf, whether its floating or built-in, curved or angular. Call us for your storage needs.
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Custom Projects

With our extensive experience in renovating homes, we can tackle any carpentry project with confidence. Whether it's a deck or a custom abstract installation, we can build it.
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Look for Carpentry Experience

Our finish trim carpenters have over 15 years of experience working within the home remodeling industry, focusing on trim finish in Charlotte, NC.

We have:

  • 150+ completed projects in the last 4 years alone
  • Over 50 homes rehabbed
  • Restored homes that were burned down into masterpieces.
  • Brought many old homes into current safety standards

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