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General Carpentry Services

Creating a home that stands out takes more than just exceptional craftsmanship – it requires superior carpentry services. That is why we offer the best resources available, including wood paneling and cabinets to mantels. Our expert team of carpenters are determined to deliver high-quality workmanship for an exemplary result in your residential or commercial spaces!

What Type of Custom Carpentry Services Do We Offer?

Farmhouse Trim


The mantel is one of the most essential pieces in a house across several states in the country. If you have visited any home with a fireplace, then there is a good chance that you have already come across a mantel before, as it is often used to frame the fireplace. Although mantels remained traditional for many years, the increased refinements in interior design have led to the adoption of more contemporary and modern arrangements. This means there are several wooden mantel styles that you can choose from, such as the highly popular floating mantel.

Selecting the mantel you want is only half the journey, you must also choose what type of wood you want. There is a multitude of wood types that you can make your mantel out of, but some variations have remained well-favored over the years. These include cherry, maple, oak, and mahogany, which is known for its durability and shine once polished.

For safety reasons, we always recommend that you opt for one of our experts when installing a mantel, regardless of whether you are using prefabricated materials or custom carpentry. This is because mantels that are not installed properly could easily lead to fires. Additionally, by choosing one of our experts, you can be sure that all the fine details and exact measurements needed to make your mantle stand out will be followed.

Wood Paneling

Wood paneling involves decorating walls, ceilings, and other pieces of furniture with strips of wood known as panels. This method is one of the most effective ways of sprucing up your home or giving it a long-lasting country-feel. Additionally, you may also use wood paneling to provide more insulation to your house or protect your walls. This is one of the finest features of wood panels, as they are generally more resistant to scratches or dents than drywall and can also be easily replaced if there is any damage. This is because you will only have to change a section of the panel rather than the entire wall.

However, what truly makes wood paneling exciting is that you can place the panels in most rooms in your house. So, this means that it should not matter if you apply wood paneling to your bathroom or your study, once you have the right design, it will still look great. Though, this means that you must weigh up your options and consider where you would like the panels before installation.

Before choosing what wood you would like for your panels, you must also be aware of the different paneling styles. These include reclaimed wood, beadboard, raised panels, and shiplap, which has recently been rising in popularity. Looking through your options, you may also find that certain designs will work best in particular rooms. So, if you are unsure about what is the best option for a room, please leave us a message. We will be happy to clear up any issues that you may have.


The shelf is one of the most distinguishable pieces of furniture that can be found in a home. This piece of furniture comes in various forms and sizes and has been used for countless years to store materials. Additionally, you can also use shelves to free up the space that would normally be taken up by these materials. This makes shelves a great tool to help group things together and organize your home. There are also many styles that you can choose from, including angular shelves, which have seen an increase in adoption.

In most cases, the type of shelving that you choose will dictate what part of your home it goes in. Typically, you should use larger shelves in more open areas such as a living room or kitchen. Meanwhile, smaller shelves may be more suitable for rooms when you only need to store a few materials. However, in terms of the wood, you can make your shelving out of several types of wood, leaving you spoilt for choice. For example, you may choose to opt for pine or plywood as they are affordable but still quite durable. On the other hand, if you want a more classic option, we recommend that you select padauk or mahogany instead.

Many shelves also require a form of custom carpentry, especially if you want it to fit into a particular space. So, if you are uncertain about what you need to bring the shelving in your design to life, we suggest that you speak to one of our experts. By doing this, we can take note of the wood style, type, and dimensions needed to build your shelf.


Built-ins have become one of the newest standards in carpentry. In addition to giving you the ability to store and organize materials, it is also one of the most effective ways of adding personality to your home. However, what truly makes built-ins stand out from other pieces of furniture, such as shelves, is that we secure them firmly to your building. This means that they will form part of the structure of your home once they have been installed. One main benefit of having such a piece of furniture is that it helps you to define different zones in your home and create new sections in a single space. For example, you may use a built-in shelf to separate two parts of the same room without the need for an additional wall.

You may find that built-ins are often seen in living rooms. This is also where we recommend that you place them. Though, because built-ins come in different shapes and sizes, you can also use smaller versions such as a floating shelf, in other areas as well. This gives you a wide range of built-ins to choose from for your home. While the style will depend on you, we always recommend that our customers use custom carpentry for their built-in rather than a stock design. This is to ensure that all your specifications will be met. Additionally, you will also have complete flexibility over how you use your built-in and what you use it for. This will give you the freedom to be creative with your furniture, including using them to highlight certain architectural features of your home or create frames around areas, such as windows.

Kitchen Cabinetry


Cabinetry has remained one of the most significant parts of homes for decades, especially in kitchens where items such as spices and utensils need to be grouped and organized for quick and easy access. Their constant popularity also means that the only issue you should face when it’s time to pick a kitchen cabinet is the problem of choice. In terms of cabinets, there is a range of wood types and styles that you can pick from to ensure that your home delivers exactly the message that you want. For example, if you want something more detailed or textured, then we recommend a beadboard cabinet. On the other hand, if you are chasing a more minimalistic look, then we suggest that you take a closer look at flat-front cabinetry.

Although you can find good stock cabinetry options, as well as custom carpentry choices, our advice is that you always use a cabinet installer. An expert would be able to ensure that all cabinetry is properly aligned, and any doors and drawers are securely fastened. So, if you have bought cabinetry that needs putting in place and would like to learn more about our cabinet installers, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to put you in touch with a member of our team.

Charlotte, NC Carpenters

High-quality carpentry services are a hidden gem that will continue to separate great homes from the rest. In many cases, the difference in craft is obvious. In addition to the beauty of your home, using services we offer, such as a cabinet installer will also give you the peace of mind that all your cabinetry will remain fastened to the wall for as long as you want it.

So, if you need any of these materials installed in your home, we urge you to let us help. Our staff has spent the last 15 years building their experience and knowledge about carpentry services and are always eager to deal with any issues you may be facing. So, please contact us at Acoustic Homes and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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