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Wall to Wall Bookshelves

Floor to ceiling bookcases make a dramatic statement, extending from floor to ceiling to maximize vertical space in home offices or living rooms, offering extensive storage and a sense of grandeur, while also enhancing the perceived height of the room.


Open Shelving

Open shelving bookcases offer an airy, minimalist design, perfect for displaying a mix of books and decorative items in living rooms or studies, while their open design facilitates easy access and adds a spacious feel to the room.

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Floor to Ceiling Bookcases

Wall Paneling is both stylish and versatile. Materials vary from wood, vinyl, & MDF and styles range from modern & minimal to traditional.

Trim Supply

We partner with local suppliers to get you the best price on millwork materials and delivers them onsite to ensure correct and highest quality material.

Design Consult

Having installed trim for nearly two decades, we know a thing or two about what works and what's in style. Our design feedback will make sure your project looks amazing while staying within your timeline and budget.

Professional Install

Our installers live and breathe carpentry. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and a job well done. Rest assured your project is in good hands with Acoustic Homes.

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Extensive Carpentry Experience
Charlotte, NC

Our finish trim carpenters have over 16 years of experience working within the home remodeling industry, focusing on high quality finish carpentry in Charlotte, NC.

We have:

  • 50+ completed projects in the last 4 years alone
  • Over 50 homes rehabbed
  • Restored homes that were burned down into masterpieces.
  • Brought many old homes into current safety standards

Styles of Built In Bookshelves

Built in bookshelves add sophisticated storage to your space and make a great addition to any room. With seven styles to choose from, you can customize your shelves to fit the aesthetic of your home. 

Wall-to-wall shelving is ideal for smaller areas or rooms with limited space; corner units bring additional stylistic touches; and built in desks with integrated bookshelves offer loads of function and aesthetics. For those who need more display options, consider floating bookshelves and geometric designs with several sections. There are even ladder bookcases that provide extra edge display opportunities and artistic flair. 

With so many styles available, you have plenty of options when it comes to stylish yet practical built in bookshelves.



Benefits of Built-Ins

Built-ins, such as bookcases, drawers, closet organizers and other storage solutions, can create a look of understated luxury and make the most of any space. Not only do they provide extra storage for items you need to keep out of the way but also instantly add style to a room. They provide organized spaces for clothing, books, media collections and display items that add to the overall aesthetic. With so many custom options available today, built-ins offer an effortless way to customize your living area while creating an inviting atmosphere and making your home feel like it was truly tailored just for you.

Where To Use Built In Bookshelves

No matter what size or shape your room is, built in bookshelves can be tailored to fit your needs and provide you with plenty of storage for all your favorite books and knick-knacks. They also add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room, making them a great choice for anyone looking to spruce up their home’s interior design. With their versatility and customizability, built in bookshelves are sure to be a stylish addition to any home.

Built in bookshelves are a great way to add storage and style to any room. They are flush against the wall, usually with a depth of 12 inches, but can be customized to fit any space. Built ins are often used on either side of an existing feature like a window seat or fireplace. This is ideal because the other feature is already protruding from the wall, so the built in bookcase perfectly fits in the space between it and the wall. 

Alternatively, built in bookcases can extend from one wall to the opposite wall, taking up an entire wall. This is perfect for larger rooms that need more storage and visual interest. With custom built ins, you can choose any depth and style that suits your needs and décor. Whether you’re looking for extra storage or just want to add some character to your home, built in bookshelves are a great option!

White Built in bookshelves in living room

How Deep Should Built in Shelves Be?

Most shelves are built with a minimum of 11 to 12 inches deep, but this is also a great opportunity to customize your shelving system. If you plan on storing larger items such as bulky board games or oversized art books, then deeper shelves may be necessary. 

On the other hand, if you plan on using the shelves for smaller items such as collectibles or lidded baskets, then shallower shelves may work better. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how deep your built-in shelves should be based on what you plan on storing in them.

What Materials Can You Use for Built In Bookshelves?

When it comes to building built-in bookshelves, there are a few different materials to consider. Solid wood is the strongest option, but it can also be more expensive than plywood or MDF. Hardwood plywood is another strong choice and comes in 4-by-8-foot sheets with a wide range of face veneers that can be painted or finished with a clear coat. The most affordable option is MDF, which is not as stiff as solid wood or plywood but won’t cup, warp, or splinter.

Before settling on any material for your built-in bookshelves, it’s important to use an online sag calculator to determine the span and weight capacity of the shelves you plan to build. This will help you decide whether MDF, plywood, pine, or oak would be best for your project. With this information in hand, you can make an informed decision about what material will work best for your needs and budget.


DIY vs Professional Built-In Bookshelves

When it comes to adding built-in bookshelves to your home’s interior design, there are two ways to go: DIY or professional. If you’re the handy type, you may be tempted to tackle the project on your own, but before you pick up a hammer, there are several things to ask yourself. Chances are that—unless you’re an exceptionally experienced carpenter—you’re going to really appreciate the quality and look of a professional’s work on your bookshelves more than if you manage to complete the project on your own.

First, think about the budget you have available for the built-in bookshelves. If money is tight and you don’t mind putting in some extra effort, then DIY may be the way to go. However, if you’re ready to spend more money in order to save time and effort, then hiring a professional is probably your best bet. Professional carpenters will have access to better materials and tools than what’s available at your local hardware store, so they can create a higher quality product with greater precision and accuracy. Plus, they’ll be able to provide advice on how best to integrate the bookshelves into your existing décor for a seamless look. 

If you live in or around Charlotte, NC and are looking for a professional carpentry company to tackle your built-in project, consider getting a free quote from Acoustic Homes using our contact form below. Our team will get back to you quickly, and will even be able to provide an estimate online without an appointment, saving you time and hassle.


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